Taste the Nordic Forest

We deliver mountain bikes that are developed in the Nordic forest terrain to be ridden around the world. Carefully selected components from premium brands are matched with modern geometry. Everything to maximize your experience on the trail and make you want to ride, and return, again and again.


  • Detrail

    Stig 115

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  • Detrail

    Stig 135

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  • Detrail

    BERG 155

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    Stig is a Swedish boy´s name but most importantly it´s the Swedish word for Trail.

    WHAT is detrail?

    Detrail is hand-picked and hand-built mountainbikes with only premium components.

    Your well-being is in focus, and we measure the result by the size of your grin.

    Our direct to consumer business model creates great value for you.

    how do we do it?

    Developed in the testing Nordic environment to ensure to excel in every conditions.

    Choose from our selected components according to your preferences.

    The bike is delivered with minimal assembly on your part.

    WHy is that good?

    A premium bike designed for you is both more fun and makes you a better cyclist.

    The result is a well-used bike and increased well-being.

    Words from our engineer

    “Detrail have really impressed us with their honest and detailed approach to their product ranging and customer focus from their website right through to the packaging and post sale after care. They bring a wealth of experience in creating great value, high quality products and that has brought a breath of fresh air and opportunity to the Swedish bicycle market and beyond.”

    Alastair beckett, redburn design

    At Detrail Bikes, we strive to offer the best in mountain biking. Whether you’re an enthusiastic beginner or an experienced cyclist, we have the right bike for you. Our range of full-suspension mountain bikes is carefully selected to provide maximum performance and comfort on all types of terrain.

    Discover our range of all-mountain, XC (cross country), trail, and enduro bikes, perfectly designed to handle everything from steep downhill runs to technical trails. For those who love to explore and enjoy nature on two wheels, our MTB bikes offer a perfect combination of versatility and performance. Are you an adventure seeker who likes to tackle challenging terrain? Our mountain bikes are designed to give you an unforgettable experience.