STIG 115

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Modern Cross Country and Down Country blurs the line between road and mountain and puts the STIG 115 right on the map where speed, efficiency and capability meet. Flowy trails, rough descents or a marathon race, the STIG 115 fits in and shines in every challenge.

Holy grail of modern mountain bikes?

With 115mm travel at the rear and 120mm up front, the STIG 115 blends the ability to handle gnarly terrain without losing pedaling efficiency. Built around a light, strong and high quality carbon fiber frame, it becomes easy to start wondering where the electric motor is hidden. The shorter travel little brother to the STIG 135, provides a poppy, energetic  feeling and will inspire you for the unevenness of the trail ahead.


Thanks to the head angle of 66°, confidence is raised and you are in full control when the trail goes downhill. The longer wheelbase contributes to stability at higher speeds and is an advantage in both technical climbs and downhills. With an effective seat tube angle of 76°, you sit in a comfortable pedaling position with good weight distribution for maximum grip.

all-carbon frame

All parts of the frame is constructed from a mixture of carbon fiber, carefully laid up to provide optimum stiffness and weight, while remaining compliant to provide traction and comfort under all rider inputs.

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Bikes that are recommended by us and has a shorter delivery time.

Words from our engineer

“Lightweight, fast and agile, the STIG 115 is pairs a super clean chassis with ‘downcountry’ style handling, making this a very forward thinking and rewarding bike for riders of all abilities, whether you want to cover mile after mile in comfort or push it a little harder and really connect with the trail features.” 

Alastair beckett, redburn design

Progressivity without fuss.

By working directly with the engineers at the suspension manufacturers, we ensure the correct level of damping in all situations. The natural kinematics of the frame are matched and tailored with the perfect shock characteristics. Delicate at the beginning of the stroke, efficient and supportive in the middle, progressive and hard at the end.

We adjust the trail for you.

With our MTB-Fit service, we tailor the bike to you and your riding style. Handlebars are cut, the right length of the stem is installed, and the overall chassis fit is determined in consultation with you.  



We help you to choose the correct size for you and your riding style. In general a smaller sizes will be a bike with shorter wheelbase that is more playful. In the opposite a larger size will have a longer wheelbase and be more stable.

Fast contact, fast reply

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Do you ride a hardtail today?

Perfect! Then you have learned important basic skills that a full suspension mtb can mask with its rear shock. Beyond that, a full suspension mtb can offer much more when it comes to efficiency, traction and comfort. We enjoy the full suspension mtb most when:

• When the trail becomes technical and goes uphill, the rear wheel follows the bumps and you get the maximum of all available grip.

• When you can maintain higher speed with greater confidence through technical parts.

• When the gravel road gets a bit chunky, you stay in the saddle and let the shock work harder for a while.        

• When your back (spine)  thanks you instead of punishing you after a long ride.


The matt colors of the frame are all found in the Nordic nature. The main colors of pine, bark and black granite are matched with accent color in a nearby spectrum for a discreet Scandinavian design.

frame highligts

• Internal cable routing

• UDH (Universal derailleur hanger)

• Threaded bottom bracket for easy maintenance

• 5-year frame warranty

• Weight 2400g in size M/L

adapted for any climate.

The Nordic environment can be extremely testing, so our bikes are built to excel in these conditions. All components are tested with elements in mind and no detail is left to chance. Some examples are:

• We use only premium brakes ensuring maximum bite in every condition or environment.

• High-quality suspension for a buttery experience.

• Tires containing several different rubber compounds for the right grip level in all wheel angles.

choose stig 115

If you’re looking for a short-stroke full suspension mtb that can punch well above it’s weight. Thanks to a full carbon frame, modern geometry and only high-quality components.

Buying directly from the manufacturer, you not only get more for your money, but also a greater freedom of choice as the bikes are hand-built in Sweden according to your choices and preferences.

We love suspension

We delve deeper into shock absorption and how much you really need. We match this against our various models. A pro can ride fast and master different bikes in the same terrain, while a less experienced MTB cyclist can get a lot of support by choosing the right bike for the purpose.


We have gathered an overview of the tests and reviews conducted on Detrail Bikes’ bicycles. Discover what experts are saying about our Swedish trail, XC, and enduro bikes. 

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