our story

We are.

Cycling buyers and marketers. 

Running photographers and innovators. 

Working engineers and inspirers. 

We share a love of the forest. Obsessed with the details that enhance the whole experience. 

We are passionate about creating value for you both on and off the trail. 

Our promise.

We deliver mountain bikes that are developed in the Nordic forest terrain to be ridden around the world. Carefully selected components from premium brands are matched with modern geometry. Everything to maximize your experience on the trail and make you want to ride, and return, again and again.



– The forest.

Taste the word. 

Feel the scents. 

Hear the whistling of the wind, muffled to a whisper by the sheltering space of the forest. 

It brings back memories. It arouses anticipation. It provides peace of mind.

We connect to the forest. It has always existed as a promise of something tangible and genuine. Genuinely. Something that cannot be moved or stolen. Here lies mystery, wildness and stillness under a roof of protective crowns. You carry the space of the forest within you as a collective memory – the legacy from generation to generation right back to the beginning of time. Enigmatic and familiar at the same time. 

When you pass through the forest, you connect to the ancient and wild. When you venture deeper inside, the transformation begins. 

Thought and action now occur simultaneously. There is no time for consideration or reflections. You are here and now. In the present. The weight on the pedals creates security when you smoothly and effortlessly sweep forward through the terrain. All senses are awake. Here you find your flow and forget about the effort. You unlock the door to another level. A level of total presence and discharge at the same time.

Before you know it, you’re back where you started. Your tyre tracks are the only evidence of your presence. Adrenaline has been replaced by dopamine and anticipation is now satisfaction. The details of the landscape now just a distant memory, but you know you just grew a little closer to yourself. A perfect place in time. A place you long to visit again. A place you remember when you hear the trail calling. 

Our house rules.

A number of rules set by us. For us to follow. With the aim of guiding us in our daily work of creating value for you without abandoning our mother earth. 

We do not complicate anything and strive to simplify what is complicated. It should be genuine, honest and simple.

Selection of components is always made with the user experience in focus. Our goal is to provide genuine added value on the trail.

We build our bikes by hand, which means that your decisions determine the finished product and enable us to provide your perfect match for the riding you do.

We leave as little trace behind us as possible. (by trace we don’t mean tire tracks in mud, they should always be as big as possible.) Nature is for everyone and in many ways also the solution to the climate problem. To leave the smallest footprint possible, is for us a matter of priority.

As an example the products we import are always sent by sea freight instead of air freight, as sea freight emits 20 times less CO2 than a comparable air freight would.

We feel a responsibility to help our customers maintain their bikes to prolong their life and reduce the negative impact on the environment. 

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