On this page, we have gathered an overview of the tests and reviews conducted on Detrail Bikes’ bicycles. Discover what experts are saying about our Swedish trail, XC, and enduro bikes. By gathering all tests in one place, you can easily compare and get a comprehensive picture of the performance and quality of our products. Keep reading to discover why Detrail Bikes are becoming increasingly popular among cyclists who value Swedish design, innovative technology, and outstanding performance in forests and terrain.

Good rating for STIG 115

Sweden’s leading cycling forum, Happyride, along with Tobias Liljeroth, takes out a STIG 115 Expert for testing in both Åre and central Sweden. He says, among other things:

“The Detrail Stig 115 is a Swedish-designed trail bike that excels in its natural habitat, Swedish forest trails, thanks to its shallow angles, excellent kinematics, and intelligent component choices.”

“The Stig 115 surprises with its low weight… a sensation that persists throughout the entire test.”

“The result is a bike that maximizes the short suspension travel it has… The feeling is that there is more suspension travel available than the bike actually has.”

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TOP SCORE 5 out of 5

Finish magazine, Fillari (number 4/2023) and their test rider, Jukka Mäennenä, takes STIG 135 for a longterm test. Jukka says: -Stig 135 is in its element almost everywhere. The bike responds to the pedal force effectively and the steering angle of 65 degrees is as close to the golden mean between stability and sensitive steering as you can get for a bike in this category.

Detrail manages to fully deliver on the promises of fun with the Stig 135 model. The Stig 135 is a five-star or three-crown presentation of a modern trail bike – whichever expression you want to use.

BERG 155 reveiw

STIG 115 & STIG 135 reveiw

Watch the video from the product launch of BERG 155


“The Detrail Stig 135 is an impressive climber, both comfortable and efficient. Therefore, it appeals to riders who like tackling long, all-day loops, but don’t use words like “shred”, and aren’t interested in pushing the limits on the descents. The Stig also appeals to individualists who want a classy, unobtrusive bike that you don’t see on the trails all that often.”