The love for the forest and peoples well-being has resulted in Swedish trail bikes. Together with industry veteran Alastair Becket the brand mixes the best out of expertise and passion.

It’s nothing new that exercise and time spent in nature lowers stress levels and increases human well-being. Detrail is a new Swedish mountain bike brand that strikes a blow for the feeling of pedalling your way along nature’s roads while using all your senses.

Detrail build Swedish mountain bikes that are optimised in the Nordic forest terrain. The focus is on cycling pleasure without intermediaries in everything from hand-picked details to hand-built entirety, all intended to maximise well-being and the experience of the trail by calibrating each bike according to the customer’s measurements and needs. 

Each bike is carefully packed and protected before shipping from our nordic forests straight to your neighbourhood, no matter where you are in the EU.

Detrails bikes

Three years of intensive work has resulted in a new Swedish bicycle brand with three different models, all with the trail in mind. The models all contain different mixes of efficiency, comfort and aggressiveness to better suit the requirements of a diverse range of customer needs.

The premium frames are manufactured from carbon fibre due to its lightweight yet strong properties which enhance the rider experience significantly. The frames are paired with components from well-known brands that are thoroughly tested in the Nordic terrain.

– We have deliberately chosen to go for components of only high quality. Partly for an increased lifespan, but also because we believe it makes for a more well-used bike, says Robin Johansson, founder of Detrail.

The bikes are put together by hand in the small town of Borås, in the western parts of Sweden. This means that the customers have greater freedom of choice, but also that they are adapted to the customer’s measurements for a better fit and increased feeling on the trail. This is something that is simply not possible today with the larger mainstream cycle brands. 

As Detrail’s business model is direct to consumer, this creates a lot of value for money. An advantage that we see is also that you get direct contact with the person who has built your bike for support as well as tips and tricks.

Three different models

Detrail’s range today consists of three different models, all focused on different variants of trail cycling. The name Stig origins from the Swedish word for Trail. Stig = Trail


We take the classic hardtail bike and raise the volume significantly with a modern geometry to master different surfaces with ease. With a 67.5° head angle, 120mm suspension fork and wide handlebars extra confidence is created. This is made without sacrificing the speed and efficiency that is now commonly know as a signature of a true hardtail.

Stig 115

Modern Cross Country blurs the line between road and mountain and puts the STIG 115 right on the map where speed, efficiency and capability meet.

With 115mm travel at the rear and 120mm up front, the STIG 115 blends the ability to handle gnarly terrain without losing pedalling efficiency. Thanks to the head angle of 66°, confidence is raised and you are in full control when the trail goes downhill.

Stig 135

A versatile trail bike with modern progressive geometry and capable suspension makes the STIG 135 ready for any challenge on the trail. 

With 135mm of rear suspension and 140/150mm up front, efficiency and aggressivity meets in a powerful mix. A 65° head angle puts you in a position of control and invites more aggressive riding when the trail points down. Turn back up and enjoy a 78° seat tube angle that puts you in an efficient and comfortable pedaling position where both front and rear wheels stay glued to the ground.

Online sales

Detrail’s bikes are only available to purchase directly on the web, where the customer can easily configure the three different models according to their preferences by choosing from three different levels of dampers and components; Core, Performance and Expert. Furthermore, the tires can also be adapted according to the desired rolling resistance and grip, Fast-Rolling, Fast-Grippy or Grippy.

Detrail’s online configurator is reminiscent of how to build your car online, something we think is important as we are not interested in pushing bikes onto the market that are not fully adapted to the customer’s needs and wishes. We want the customer to be able to set their tone on the product, both when it comes to color and components specification.

We have recently launched our e-commerce website and we are now open for sales within the European market. In 2024 Detrail are planning for additional nearby markets like the UK and Norway.

Position in the market

There aren’t super many advantages to being a new player in an established market, the feeling of constant headwinds is always present. But one of the advantages is that you can choose where you want to try to position yourself in the customer’s view of the market. Our position goes hand in hand with the brand’s DNA and is also a big reason why the brand exists today.

Our analysis of the mountain bike category shows two large areas where one has a focus on fitness in the form of Cross Country and the other has a focus on Gravity in the form of downhill and enduro. As these two areas have major competitions at national and international level with professional teams, sponsors and sponsored athletes, this is also where many existing brands place their focus and communication.

Detrail has chosen to position itself in the middle of the path that runs between Cross Country and Gravity, and this is where we intend to stay. This is where we feel at our best and it is this view that we want to share with more people, because if there is something we are particularly passionate about, it is precisely people’s well-being and people’s connection to nature.


The future

Long-termism, endurance and foresight are a requirement if you want to be in the game both in terms of sports and business. Having a clear vision makes small daily decisions easier and if the mission is to be the first choice when the customer thinks of a trail bikes that increases your well-being, then there is no time for shortcuts.