Handlebar HÖJD 30



Carbon handlebar HÖJD 30 is a carefully balanced premium handlebar in carbon fiber. The material enables light, vibration-damping and strong handlebar where you experience is in focus.

  • 800mm width
  • 30mm rise
  • 35mm ∅ at stem
  • 9° Back-swep
  • 5° Up-swep

The handlebar weighs only 240gr and is stress-tested past the breaking point. 650kg, if you take more than that in the bench press, this handlebar is not for you. To avoid screwing the grips, brake handles and stem too tightly, the handlebar is equipped with grippy surfaces in the most important areas. The handlebar is 800mm wide and can easily be cut down to the desired width using the markings at the ends. Remember to use a saw adapted for carbon fiber. We can cut the handlebars before delivery if desired, see different size.