BERG 155 – Master of the Mountain 

At Detrail Bikes, we’re driven by a passion for creating unique cycling experiences. After the success of our trail bikes, it’s time to conquer the mountain itself. Introducing the BERG 155, a pioneer in mountain biking, a testament to the pride and expertise of our design and development team.

Every grand adventure begins at the base of the mountain. That’s where the BERG 155 kicks off your journey. This bike isn’t just crafted for dreaming of the peaks – it’s made to reach them. With its distinct geometry and 155mm rear suspension and 160mm front, BERG 155 offers an optimal balance between agility and power, primed to tackle every mountain challenge.

A stable 64-degree fork angle, paired with a “low, long, and slack” design philosophy, positions you perfectly to master everything from winding mountain trails to adrenaline-pumping descents.

The development of BERG began with a clear vision and a passion for details. After careful consideration, we chose:

-A modern and bold geometry, ensuring the bike’s structure never limits you, even on the fastest descents.

-A progressive  chassis design offering flexibility between air and coil suspension.

-Balanced suspension travel – Supple, yet responsive enough to feel the terrain.

-Lightweight combined with  engineered stiffness for peak performance.

-Premium components from industry leaders, designed for daily use.

Having meticulously examined each detail and blended tradition with innovation, we proudly present a bike that exceeds expectations.

Swedish Craftsmanship and Global Quality: Both the front and rear triangles boast a sturdy carbon fiber structure, complemented with a one-piece CNC-machined 6082 aluminum link , delivering both durability and lightness. Honoring our Swedish heritage, our CNC link is proudly locally manufactured in Sweden

EXPLORE THE MOUNTAIN WITH BERG 155 In an era where the limits of cycling are constantly being pushed, BERG 155 stands as a tribute to genuine innovation. We merge the best of both worlds – traditional craftsmanship and modern technology. The result is a bike that beckons for adventure, ready to ascend the mountain and descend as a true champion.

See images from the development process in the Media Kit folder.

Robin Johansson

Founder & CEO