A classic at the highest volume

We take the classic hardtail bike and raise the volume significantly with a modern geometry to master different surfaces with ease. With a 67.5° head angle, 120mm suspension fork and wide handlebars extra confidence is created. This is made without sacrificing the speed and efficiency that is now commonly know as a signature of a true hardtail.

No more detours

29 inch wheels roll effortlessly over rocks and roots while the 2.4″ tires increase comfort and create better grip on uneven surfaces. The effect goes unfiltered from the pedals to the rear wheel, while you always have an ace up your sleeve to challenge the trail without detours.

all-carbon frame

All parts of the frame is constructed from a mixture of carbon fiber, carefully laid up to provide optimum stiffness and weight, while remaining compliant to provide traction and comfort under all rider inputs.


A true monocoque where the entire frame is molded in one piece instead of separate parts that are joined together. The advantage of this is a lighter and stronger frame with good vibration dampening properties. Carbon fiber from Japanese Toray is used exclusively and we have deliberately increased the durability for extra strength considering the use in tough conditions, the frame weighs in at only 1200 grams in size M/L 

• Integrated cable routing inside the frame.

• Threaded bottom bracket for better reliability.

• Space for double water bottles.

• Space for 2.6” wheels 

• Oversize upper headset bearing creates the possibility of a fully integrated cockpit. 1,5″/1,5″

• UDH (Universal Derailleur Hanger)

• 5-year frame warranty

Words from our engineer

“The perfect do it all hardtail doesn’t exist.

The STIG is a brilliant blend of form and function, with fast and confidence inspiring geometry and proportions and well considered frame construction. This bike would be perfectly suited to a rider with a taste for adventure and thrives off being connected with the trail. The ultimate rider experience.”

Alastair beckett, redburn design


The matt colors of the frame are all found in the Nordic nature. The main colors of pine, bark and black granite are matched with accent color in a nearby spectrum for a discreet Scandinavian design.

We adjust the trail for you.

With our MTB-Fit service, we tailor the bike to you and your riding style. Handlebars are cut, the right length of the stem is installed, and the overall chassis fit is determined in consultation with you.  



We help you to choose the correct size for you and your riding style. In general a smaller sizes will be a bike with shorter wheelbase that is more playful. In the opposite a larger size will have a longer wheelbase and be more stable.

Fast contact, fast reply

Any questions? Do not hesitate to contact us.

adapted for any climate.

The Nordic environment can be extremely testing, so our bikes are built to excel in these conditions. All components are tested with elements in mind and no detail is left to chance. Some examples are:

• We use only premium brakes ensuring maximum bite in every condition or environment.

• High-quality suspension for a buttery experience.

• Tires containing several different rubber compounds for the right grip level in all wheel angles.

choose stig

If you are looking for a mountain bike comfortable with both high speeds and long distances, without having to throw in the towel when the trail gets gnarly. Without rear shocks, the frame is lighter, easier to maintain and no power is lost.

From 2.599,00